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PattyProfile5Thanks so much for requesting to view the demo videos for the online hospice volunteer, staff, family caregiver and referral source training program. We are delighted to walk you through what the program looks like, not only as a trainee, but also as an administrator/manager of the program.

This program was developed as a result of my personal and professional experience. Having journeyed with a dear friend from diagnoses to death, I was introduced to hospice many years ago. As a result of that experience, I became a volunteer, volunteer trainer, community educator and contracting specialist with hospices both in Atlanta and Philadelphia.

My focus for this training was to create inspiring and engaging training that offered the best and easiest use of media-rich technology for all ages, and met and exceeded Medicare guidelines and NHPCO recommendations.

We’ve partnered with an eLearning platform that has been offering training to the homecare and hospice industry for many years, with over 350,000 users currently.

As you go through this demo, keep in mind that this training has not just been designed to address the many challenges of the volunteer training program, such as inconvenient training schedules, geographic and compliance issues – it is also designed to identify and attract early referrals through our Family Caregiver Training, become a revenue generator for your agency, and increase patient satisfaction from your current enrollees while solidifying referral relationships.

Small hospices have a complete turn-key solution with us, and larger hospices don’t have to replace what is working well, but can augment their training where is makes sense.
We deliver the entire package to you and you get the flexibility of offering it in a way that works best with your specific agency needs.

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With the many demands placed on Volunteer Coordinators in hospices today, I find the Teaching Transitions training materials to save me great amounts of time and energy. I love being able to provide training ‘on the spot’ when I meet a new interested volunteer. Our volunteers have stated the curriculum is both engaging and thorough. The support from the IT staff is always timely for me and our volunteers when they have called asking for help. I feel the curriculum is the best on the market and a wise use of our financial resources.
Jill Biggs
RN Director of Volunteer Services / Hope Hospice
“What we have found in using the program is that we can get more volunteers trained quickly with minimal staff time needed. And the volunteers rave about the program! It offers them an opportunity to take an in depth view of their own values and beliefs as well as learning appropriate ways to be with patients. When they come to the agency for face to face training – they have very meaningful questions that spark great discussions among the volunteers in the class. It has been such a great addition to our hospice that our new employees are also watching it! It is a cost effective and consistent way to get core hospice information to staff and volunteers. It also allows me, as Volunteer Resource Manager, to have more time to focus on recruiting, retention and patient assignments. In a very real sense we are working smarter, not harder! Thanks for your thoughtful production of this teaching program.”
Ann House
Volunteer Resource Manager / Napa Valley Hospice and Adult Day Services
“Your training is just excellent, insightful and profound. Given my training as a Reiki practitioner, your guided meditations were just fabulous! I want to thank you for such a transcendent and life changing course! Thank you times ten from my heart.”
Kate Dumont
Hospice Volunteer / Napa Valley Hospice
“If you want to move your program to the next level, then I would highly recommend Teaching Transitions. The online learning has allowed us to recruit for volunteers that we had not otherwise been able to reach. We received overwhelming feedback that the online training is what drew volunteers to our program. In the 4 months that we have utilized the program, we have trained 25 individuals ranging in age from 22-69. This number is significant since last year we trained 27 volunteers total. In addition to the many other benefits, we have found owner Patty Burgess to be extremely responsive and helpful not only to our volunteer leaders, but also to volunteers with questions. Teaching Transitions has transformed our volunteer program. I am so fortunate to have discovered this online learning”.
Laura E. Kube
Volunteer Services Supervisor / HealthPartners Hospice & Palliative Care