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User Guide for Teaching Transitions’ Hospice Volunteer and Palliative Caregiver Training

This “User Guide” is for those who have either personally purchased the training, or who are taking the training through an organization who has subscribed to offer the training; this may be a hospice, healthcare organization, college/university, religious or other organization.

    1. TO ACCESS THE TRAINING:Go to and click the Login button on the home page above
      “Contact”.You will be taken to the Training Gateway Page, where you will enter in your login credentials that were emailed to you upon purchase, or given to you by your organization’s administrator. For assistance, please contact: [email protected], or contact the administrator at your organization.
    2. VIEWER ACKNOWLEDGEMENT:Your initial login will bring you to the Viewer Acknowledgement, which appears one time only (upon initial sign in). Type in your name at the bottom and click “Submit”.
    3. COURSE CATALOG:After submitting your Viewer Acknowledgement, you will be taken to the Course Catalog. This is where you will find all of the course content links.
    4. LEFT NAVIGATION BAR-“ABOUT YOU”:When you see the Course Catalog (above), on the left had side there will be a Navigation Bar. Immediately go to the “ABOUT YOU” section and complete the fields here. THIS IS IMPORTANT!! If you forget your login credentials, the email address you enter here will be where your login credentials are sent. Please view the other items in this Navigation Bar, as well. You will find help and instructions here as well.
    5. BEGIN YOUR TRAINING:Select the blue links in the Course Catalog in the order in which they appear. A video player will open for each section when you click on it and the training video will play. Make sure you follow all of the instructions given in the videos and on the screen.
    6. VIDEO PLAYER CONTROLS AND ICONS:The video player and its controls are intuitive, and are explained in the introductory module. Please experiment with each of the controls to see how you most prefer to view the training.The most important icon for making sure that you have completed all of the materials is the Paperclip Icon. Any additional materials, exercises, videos, or links are located in this section. Simply click on the icon and all of the links will appear. If there are no additional materials, the paperclip will be “grayed” out, and won’t open. You can also PRINT any PDF training materials from here using the printer icon that appears in the upper right corner. You can print material from any linked websites as you normally would from your computer. Make sure that you have completed all of the required material in that section before moving on to the next section or module.
    7. HANDOUTS, LINKS AND RESOURCES:To see the additional materials in each module, press the Handouts Button, where you will be taken to a collateral material associated with each module, and print out any materials you need to save.


  1. EVALUATION, TESTING AND CERTIFICATES:Once you have completed a module, close out the video and press the “Start Test” button, from the main catalog page. You will complete an evaluation, and then move on to the test. A score of 70% or greater will allow you to generate and print out a Certificate of Completion for that Module. Once that is finished, you can move on to the next Module. You will have an opportunity to print out a FINAL Certificate of Completion at the end of the Course.

For support, contact [email protected], or contact the administrator at your organization, or call 267-428-6677