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These are just a few of the comments from those who have participated in the training programs…

  • “Patty was warm, informed, knowledgeable and interesting. There are not enough adjectives.  She is a gift to the community!”
  • “Organized, loving, high-energy, passionate about giving us all the info. Lovely – the quality of professionalism with humility as the garnish.”
  • “I think Patty’s seminar on dealing with death is a great way to learn to fully engage in your own life.”
  • “Very caring – was more a part of the group than simply a leader – wonderful.”
  • “Terrific person and trainer.  Patty was an expert at creating a safe space.  She is a great speaker, very warm and caring – she was positive and uplifting.”
  • “Patty is a fabulous trainer.  Before you can stick up a block she has the whole room engaged and participating in what can only be described as “game-changing.”
  • “Patty was very professional, is an excellent communicator, kept it interesting, was thorough with the course material and…very humorous!”
  • Every once in a while I get to go to a seminar that is not boring.  This seminar was not just not boring, it was informative, uplifting, fun and very inspirational.  I look forward to going back to work and sharing this material with my co-workers.  You are right Patty, it can be what we make it!”
  • “Excellent communicator – warm and energetic. I would sign up for training again with Patty!”
  • “Patty made everyone feel comfortable and made class interesting and fun.  I’m glad she was my instructor.”
  • “Patty is very compassionate and well spoken. Her topic is timely and all of my questions were answered thoroughly.”
  • “Patty is a great presenter– she was very knowledgeable, compassionate, caring and kept my interest.  Her knowledge of the material was amazing.”
  • “Patty was very comfortable to talk to because she is a great listener.  She had very well-thought-out viewpoints and gave great examples from practical experience.  Usually I’m very self-conscious, but I felt very comfortable to participate in this class.”
  • “I really appreciated the sensitivity and sense of humor she applied to this training class. The presentation was wonderfully done.”
  • “Patty’s heart, her direct knowledge of the subject and her energy is what made this experience the best!”
  • “Patty has a natural talent for teaching. Her communication skills, humor, intelligence and body language make her a great facilitator.”
  • “She has a great love, knowledge and willingness to give to others and to explore this subject.”

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