Socialize with us!

There is a club for those of us who CHOOSE to work with people who are dying.  “Work” may mean for hire or for volunteering one’s time–but it is a choice to do so.  It a choice that gives back more than is given.  We are drawn perhaps to the mystery, or to the divine.  Maybe it is an unknowable inspiration that places this calling in one’s heart…All the while,  most others shy away, or think we’re crazy.

In this club, there are no dues, we don’t have a regular gathering place, and we don’t recruit members, but…
when you meet someone who feels the same way–someone who “gets it”, but can’t explain it, like you–it is a  big exhale.

It’s almost like church, a community of people who are SpiralChurch_smallerFile
scattered about doing this work-separately, but together
in hospices, nursing homes,  hospitals, and in private homes across the planet.

We’re all linked by a knowing, by that thing that draws
us closer to the delicious mystery of death.

I can’t explain it, but it feels sacred to be in the presence
of one who is dying.  Even as a life is ending, I feel even more alive.  That’s part of the gift I can’t explain–to be more aware of one’s own aliveness.  And when that is happening, I can feel the compassion in me expanding and almost bursting forth as I spend time with the families who are grieving.  The compassion does not take sides– it is for both the one who is doing the tough work of exiting this earth and it is there just as powerfully for the ones who remain.

Compassion simply abounds.

If you want this too–find out how, here…