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So get the tissues out… Do you care like this?? This young brother and sister team is a world unto itself, with the brother as it’s gatekeeper and caregiver…the sister, a happy and knowing recipient. These kids remind us of what it is like to […]

A 3 minute look…..We tend to steer clear of thinking about these things, yet there are effects or impacts on the costs of the “death biz” .   We take no position here, but share this as an interesting look at some statistics, and really fascinating […]

The “Power of Words” to change a thought , an experience, a mind, a life, and perhaps even a death is….well, powerful. Here, a blind man is ignored until a stranger changes some words on his sign.  See what happens… Learn more about how YOU […]

2:53 Seconds to Empathy Most of us haven’t ever really thought of “sympathy” and “empathy” as that far apart in meaning. We tend to lump them together, but  Brene Brown’s words in this lovely, funny animation shows us how how far apart they can be… […]

There is a club for those of us who CHOOSE to work with people who are dying. “Work” may mean for hire or for volunteering one’s time–but it is a choice to do so.

Video-based, Media-Rich, Compelling and Timely Hospice Volunteer Training Online Are you ready to take your volunteer program to a new level? If you relate to any of these… let our program do the “heavy lifting” for you! Losing volunteers because of your training schedules? Tired […]

Hospitals, SNFs, Skilled and Non-Medical Home Care Agencies, Assisted Living and Personal Care Homes, Senior and Elder Care Services, Physician’s Offices Online, Video-Based, Media-Rich, Convenient Your organization is engaged in end-of life care every day. How well do you do that? Differentiate your organization from […]

Beautiful does not always mean easy, pretty, neat and OK. Beautiful can mean raw, heart-felt, gut-wrenching and hollow. This writer describes the experience of another’s impending death with amazing prose, and the veil of neatness is pulled away, yet it is still lovely and draws […]

Thanks so much for requesting to view the demo videos for the online hospice volunteer, staff, family caregiver and referral source training program. We are delighted to walk you through what the program looks like, not only as a trainee, but also as an administrator/manager […]