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Meet The Team

Patty Burgess-Brecht

President of Possibility

Her title was given by a dear friend, Rona. Patty swore she would use it someday. When supporting Rona as she was facing the end of her life, it was then, that Patty understood how.. "Nothing compares to the honor of being with someone when they are dying. It's sacred, and puts us in a position to practice radical compassion. We are then rewarded by witnessing this mystery up close and personal". Patty is nothing short of inspired to teach this work and put it into action. She is the visionary behind Teaching Transitions, and the ideas that flow keep her up at night. Part of her vision is that we, as a culture, can begin the conversation about death and dying, and experience the transformation from one of sadness and fear; to one of openness, opportunity and connection.

Lyn DaSylva

Chief Development Guru

Credited with building the very foundation of this endeavor, birthing the concept and idea behind the spiral symbolism and images for this site, and also the “holder of the vision” for Doing Death Differently--Lyn is hard to explain. She’s brilliant, she’s funny, she’s wise, and can string together a thought and translate it to words like a virtuoso. Her talents are profound and many. They have helped shape Teaching Transitions mission, purpose, and raison d’etre, straight out of the ethers. She has spearheaded the outward expression of Teaching Transitions from the concept, website, to the training, and more. Lyn is at the forefront of Teaching Transitions initiatives, and their implementation. She’s creates out of thin air. Watch what’s next!

Randy Weisheit

Filming Industry Consulting, Packaging, eLearning Platform Tech, Customer Service and then some..

Randy Weisheit continues to be a source of myriad talent, knowledge, good humor, and the dude in the project who is always willing to take the phone call, get on the plane or stay late to make "it" happen. With his background in the home care and hospice industry and his experience in information technology, software, video production and eLearning, he was not only a natural for our team, he was our guide extraordinaire through filming and became our vendor partner with the amazing technology that the eLearning platform is built on. Randy and his team at Focus55 continue to be examples of what heroic customer service that exceeds expectations can look like.

Jim Chabucos

Music, Tech, Set Development, IT, Voice Over, and, and, and...

With Jim Chabucos it started out very simply..."Jim, will you compose a 20 second original music score for the module introductions?" Then it expanded to his composing the beautiful music for the Quietings....then the artistic compilations for the Quietings themselves... then the animations and the voice over of Jim Stark in Myths and Misconceptions, and somewhere between that, lighting and set development-- the phrase "We'll just get Jim to do it" became synonymous with some of the most deliciously creative and techy parts of this project. There is nothing that Jim can’t do and his efforts and talents are directly and indirectly showcased throughout the production. You can experience more of what he does at . Check back as the music and Quietings will be available online shortly. We’ll get Jim to do it!

Diane Carona

Sometimes it boils down to just plain luck. Through a series of people who knew people, combined with right and perfect timing, we found ourselves with the best of the best Director of Sales. Passionate, creative and leading sales and business development efforts for a wide range of industries for over 20 years, Diane Carona is the sales and service diva everybody loves. We certainly do! Balancing a blended house of kiddos and a new Sicilian hubby, Diane sees her job with Teaching Transitions as "down time". Some people are born for what they do and once you work with Diane, you will love her “let's make it happen and let's make it easy” demeanor.