Socialize with us!
hearteyesIt takes so little effort to make a connection, a lasting connection that can have a profound affect on another.   Even strangers.  Who cannot speak.
In this article, Mia Tango writes so beautifully about her grandmother’s roommate, and how a simple, kind exchange began a healing.  She shares that their entire relationship may have only been 30 minutes long.  For me, that’s writing a blog post, or getting ready in the morning.  I keep thinking about all the “30 minutes” there are.  And the opening she talks about really only took a few minutes.
It is an inspiring example of the lasting effects of our presence has in hospice, whether it be at the bedside, or just casually crossing paths with another.   We can always offer a smile or a kind word creating momentary intimacy.  We’ll never know the exponential effect of that, but it is fun to imagine the ripples.
In our Hospice Training, we offer the visual of  “a big heart with ears” .  Seeing and hearing through your heart changes the view and the message.   It makes it much sweeter.
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