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Video-based, Media-Rich, Compelling and Timely Hospice Volunteer Training Online

Are you ready to take your volunteer program to a new level?

If you relate to any of these…
let our program do the “heavy lifting” for you!

  • Losing volunteers because of your training schedules?
  • Tired of training volunteers who don’t complete the training?
  • Large geographic service are–hard for volunteers to get to you?
  • Recruiting and retention are a challenge?
  • Part-time, or juggling a split position within your hospice?
  • Burdened with the repetitive parts of live training, even though you may love to train?
  • Looking for the RIGHT online training–not boring recorded PowerPoints, or PDF Readers?
  • Trying to keep your volunteers engaged?
  • Concerned about training consistency?
  • Worried about Surveyors

If you answered “YES” to any ONE of the above questions, you qualify for a
FREE Demo and Strategy Session.

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Foundational to Your Hospice’s Success

The volunteer training CoPs are no less important than other requirements, yet this is the program that is often left to chance, and often ignored.  Don’t be vulnerable to deficiencies.  Don’t lose volunteers.  See how to harness the potential of the volunteer program to impact ALL segments of your organization.   There is an easy way for your volunteer program to be compliant, successful and thriving!

Why Offer This Training?

Convenience, Compliance,  Consistency, Cost-Savings, Certification, Customization

In a small hospice the person handling the volunteer program often juggles two or more positions, making it almost impossible to accommodate multiple priorities. Automating the repetitive parts of training allows for the development of a program that will have far reaching benefits and advantages for the organization, if only you had the time.

Well, now you do….

eTrainingAssistTM becomes the assistant always hoped for, but was never affordable, convenient, interesting, or easy to use…or wasn’t even available, until now.

In a large hospice, although there may be a dedicated position or team,  live training classes are still time-consuming, costly, and are not always convenient for the volunteers or staff.  You may be losing volunteers  if you cannot accommodate online learning.  There may be a consistency issues as a volunteer coordinator at one site, may simply be a better trainer than another at a different site.  If you think standardization is important so that ALL of your volunteers are afforded the same high quality training, you may want to consider eTrainingAssist…


Have you lost volunteers to your competitors because they were ready, willing and able, but you and your training classes could not accommodate?  Or do your volunteers often miss a training class or two making it difficult for them to make-up and get out into the field. To grow a thriving organization, the volunteer coordinator cannot have his/her hands tied when it comes to training.  Nothing starts without the training.  Online training that is professional and engaging can free up time to focus on growing a thriving program.


Surveyors are beginning to target volunteer programs with regard to documentation, competencies and evidence of training.  How you administratively handle your program could be the difference between deficiencies or not.  Our administrative back-end tools and reporting help you monitor, track and document your program.  Be ready.


To consistently train all volunteers at the same high level gives yo an advantage in the market place.  Hospice program vary in the number of hours and content offered, which can make a huge difference that YOUR volunteer bring to the marketplace.  If marketed correctly, your hospice will be chosen every time because of the integral role quality training pays for those who will be spending time with patients.


Huge saving are created with online training.  No longer do materials have to be reproduced, updating materials can be done once, rather than adjusting print, DVD or other formats.  No more need for meeting space, pulling staff in from the field, travel costs, meals, snacks, staffing, etc..


Upon successful completion of the training, the participant is granted the CHVP designation. (Certified Hospice Volunteer and Palliative Caregiver).  There is no reason why volunteers and staff should not go through the training– this is a great marketing tool and market differentiator.


For those hospices who would like to include their own materials, manuals, forms, and even video (orientation, or other), customization can be done to create a powerful and convenient tool to house all of your relevant training material all in one place.

So, what do you have in place that is engaging, professional, heart-based, easy and intuitive and trains your very valuable talent, both volunteers AND staff– in a way that you would if you could be available 24/7.

Teaching Transitions has taken the live training format and enhanced it for a rich, video-based training experience that engages the learner. Most available online training is either in DVD or print format, which makes it difficult for the learner to stay with or complete the training. eTrainingAssistTM offers a combination of traditional didactic learning, experiential exercises, industry leader interviews, films, music, animation, graphics, videos, meditations, PowerPoints, links, worksheets, handouts, testing, evaluations and more.

Enter your contact information on the form and get to know the 21 reasons why this program makes sense for your organization.  Also, see a “Sneak Preview” for up to 2 hours, at YOUR convenience for FREE!

Better yet…Let us give you a live DEMO of the training.  You get to see the training in action, as well as the administrative portal for tracking and monitoring trainees…and ask all of your questions immediately.

We are committed to offering personalized service and want to really understand the needs of your organization.  Small, mid-size and large hospices have varying requirements and levels of volunteer activity.  So, please contact us at:  [email protected], or 267-428-6677, and we’ll get you started!

It’s Time… Get Online

Hospices who will get the most out of this training are:

  1. Hospices that believe in, and embrace their volunteer program and want to leverage the unrealized potential there to increase referrals, gain early referrals and revenue, all at no additional head-count.
  2. Hospices that recognize that the Volunteer Coordinator is only as effective as the time and tools available to manage and grow a healthy and robust program.
  3. Hospices who will allocate financial resources and offer the tools now to their volunteer program to attract the very best volunteer talent available, and grow a thriving program.
  4. Hospices that understand how technology can do the “heavy-lifting” for growth and substance, while maintaining the all important human touch.
  5. Hospice that are creative, “outside the box” organizations, and who are looking for a seismic shift in their volunteer program that will profoundly impact their organization and community.

Be THAT Kind of an Organization!

Let us show you how we impact not only training, but…

Marketing, Compliance, Finance, Patient Satisfaction, Patient Outcomes and more!