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Sorrow”, grief and death are the great equalizers. That’s why I am so in favor of them–it connects us all the more dearly, don’t you think?

It is Volunteer Recognition week, and I wonder if this is your scenario…. Is your Organization/Volunteer Department…. 1.      Healthy 2.     Well-Managed 3.     Sensibly Funded These are a few of the TOP reasons why volunteers would want to work with you and stay… This […]

The “Power of Words” to change a thought , an experience, a mind, a life, and perhaps even a death is….well, powerful. Here, a blind man is ignored until a stranger changes some words on his sign.  See what happens… Learn more about how YOU […]

Have you felt drawn to “BE” with people who are facing the end of life? Or are you comfortable around those who are sick or dying, or wish there were training to make you even more comfortable. No, it’s not strange—not even close. You have […]