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Administrator’s Guide for Teaching Transitions’ Hospice Volunteer, Staff, Family Caregiver and Referral Source Training


  1. Login by clicking on the “Log In” box in the upper right corner at
    Use the ADMINISTRATIVE Logins supplied to access the program as an Administrator.
    Upon the initial Administrator Login, the Organizational Agreement will appear (one time only). Read and type your name and the bottom and “Submit”.To add trainees see ADD/EDIT TRAINEES.
  2. ADD/EDIT TRAINEES:Using the left navigation bar, click on “Add Employee”.  Add in the names of your trainees, whether they are volunteers, staff, students, etc. The fields with the asterisk (*) are required fields.  MAKE SURE YOU ENTER EITHER “CORE” or “AVT” in the EMP ID Field.  This assigns the curricula you intend for that trainee.  If you do not, it will assign nothing and your trainee will not be able to access the training.  After completing the Last Name field (or Emp ID – not required) use your “Tab” key to “auto-generate” the login and password for your trainee. You will see it populate the field. The Login name and password will also be available on the Employee List. Your trainees will have unlimited access for the time period purchased by you, or your organization.
  3. REPORTS AND NEW REPORTS SELECT:The link for “Reports” opens three reports to choose from. These reports are for the purposes of a quick review. You can change the sorting by clicking on the “clear sort” option and then click on the specific column heading. You can select multiple headings if you desire. The “New Reports Select” option HAS BEEN CHANGED to ADVANCED REPORTS, where you can create more advanced reports by branch and/or discipline.  Make sure yo select a date range for your reports.  If you would like to capture ALL of the data, do not select ANY fields. You have the option of exporting these reports to Excel for your convenience and working with them in that format.
  4. INITIALIZE PACKAGES LINK: You DO NOT have to do anything here.  This is an easy way to view your subscription and when it became active
  5. VIEWING TRAINING AS THE ADMINISTRATOR OR AS A TRAINEE:   To view the training as either an administrator or a trainee, you must use the proper set of logins.  You are given one set of administrative logins that you can share with anyone in your organization.  You can change administrative passwords when a former administrator leaves your employ.

For support, contact [email protected], or call 267-428-6677