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It almost couldn’t have been any other way, could it?

Though I wish it were for him and his family.

The fact that Martin Luther King died the way he did almost cosmically puncutates the point of his life’s work, doesn’t it?  And to this day, not just for the cause and outcome he sought, we have to be reminded of his non-violent stand in the wake of so many things that could make us all go postal (another pop culture expression that reminds of the kind of stress, fear and abandon that many of us feel from time to time, but don’t act on)

It is a sad sort of irony, that Martin Luther King died at the hands of a gunman– but thankfully, what we remember most, is the way he lived.

Some want to point out the flaws of a heroic man, but I remind us that we are all flawed and heros at the same time.  That is the perfect imperfection of it all.

It is the same thing with death and life and grief, sorrow and joy.

It all lives together in this mixed up scramble called life.

To see how another does it, in a time of unspeakable grief–that is–to remain in the place of desolation and utter despair, but still see the beauty –go to