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Peggy Harris learned of her husband’s legacy 68 years later– she waited and wondered.

Had it not been for some family member’s curiosity, and the power of “asking again and being determined to find the truth”–she may have never known that a county far away celebrated her husband and never forgot him and the sacrifice he made.

As a glaring, extreme example–sometimes “just asking” is powerful.
We may choose not to do so, because we think “this is just the way it is”, “nothing can be done”, or “my hands are tied”.

Many amazing things may lie just beyond our vision.

Perhaps one of those amazing things is the way in which you can inspire your volunteers and staff.
If what you are doing now is working…make it better.

If what you are doing now is not working–don’t wait and wonder any more…
“Do it Differently” and leave an amazing legacy in your organization.

Let us help you do that.

“Just Ask” for a DEMO of our Video-based, Online Hospice Volunteer Training and Certification program–Along with our New Family Caregiver Training (FCT) designed to attract early referrals before your competitors ever know they exist.

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Call us to discuss how you can get this program at no charge, just by thinking a little outside the box.

We’ve got some cool legacies waiting!