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Online Hospice Training

Hospice Volunteer Training for–

Hospice Agencies, College and University Students, and Healthcare Organizations

This Online Hospice Training and Coursework is Web-based, 24/7, Media-Rich, Experiential, Engaging and Inspiring.  Like Live Classroom Training, Only Better!
See why….

It’s Not Just Training, It’s Transformation…

Teaching Transitions is creating a new paradigm surrounding the delivery of online hospice training.  It’s time to get online.

In the era of web-based “everything”, you might think there are some things that don’t translate well to an online experience, such as online hospice training.  In the past, you would have been right.  But look again…. The Teaching Transitions’ eLearning platform has radically changed all that. This is online hospice training that deeply informs and inspires the participants, the way live trainings do

Our hospice training is like no other in the industry. There are no cumbersome DVD’s or recorded PowerPoint slides.  Our program offers a 24/7, media-rich, sensory experience, all delivered in the comfort of one’s personal space.

The training includes traditional video learning, experiential exercises, films, music, animations, videos, graphics, music, meditations, links, worksheets, handouts, testing and more.

The best part is—our online hospice training offers maximum flexibility, high learner engagement, optimal trainee follow-though, and the ability to train volunteers, staff AND families.

And…it’s available anytime, anywhere!

We are excited to share the details!

CLICK HERE to learn more about the hospice volunteer, staff, and family caregiver training

CLICK HERE to learn more about hospice training and your healthcare organization.

CLICK HERE for information about offering this program at colleges and universities.


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